Exit Reminder

Remind abandoners of their recently viewed products

Increase ecommerce conversion rates by saving abandoning visitors with a personalized message
When to use it?

Don't let those sales slip through your fingers! Capture the attention of abandoning visitors by using exit-intent popups that remind them of what they're leaving behind.

If a visitor visits multiple product pages, but then decides to leave without buying, you don’t have to give up on them just yet. The fact that they browsed multiple products signals buying intent, so they probably just need a final push to add something to their cart.

Displaying an exit-intent popup that reminds them of what they’re leaving behind and has a personalized offer for their previously viewed products can make them stay longer, add products to their cart, and make a purchase.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Create a Product Recommender popup

Choose a template below and fine-tune it to your style.

Or you can simply create any popup and add a product element from the “Add elements” section:

Step 2: Set up the products you want to promote

In the product element, choose the “recently viewed products” setting:


If you don’t have a Shopify store, you will need to manually add the details of your products that you would like to see on your campaign.

Step 3: Target and launch your campaign

The campaign should appear on exit-intent so only those visitors will see your message who are about to leave your site.

Step 4: Activate your campaign

This is how the campaign will look like on exit-intent.

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Exit Reminder campaign in 2 minutes

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