New Product Recommender

Promote a new offer for returning visitors

Boost customer loyalty by promoting exclusive deals for returning visitors
When to use it?

Returning visitors are essential for every ecommerce store as they show clear interest in your brand. So don't miss the chance to impress and delight them with a personalized message and an exclusive deal just for them!

You can even use their first name to make them feel extra special (if they’re returning customers or email subscribers and you’ve stored that info about them).

With this simple but powerful strategy, you can encourage returning visitors to keep coming back and boost your sales like never before.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Create a new campaign

Choose a regular campaign and fine-tune it to your style.

Step 2: Dress up your campaign

Make all the necessary modifications to make your campaign as personalized and up-to-date as possible. Greet your returning visitors, specify the new products you have just released and choose an image that depicts the new product/products.

Step 3: Target your campaign

Show your campaign to Returning visitors. You just simply need to choose “Returning visitors” from your predefined segments.

Step 4: Launch your campaign

This is what your campaign will look like for your returning visitors:

Step 5: Keep your campaign up-to-date

Check on your campaign from time to time and whenever a new product of yours is getting released, change the product name and image on the campaign.

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