Browsing Reminder

Remind returning visitors of where they left off

Increase the conversion rate of returning visitors by helping them continue where they left off
When to use it?

It’s rare that people buy from a website on their first visit — especially if they’re searching for a product that’s on the expensive side. They probably want to check out other options, compare products, and consider their decision carefully. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t return to buy from you later.

When it comes to returning visitors, your best bet is to make the user experience for them as smooth as possible by helping them continue where they left off last time. You can show them their previously viewed products so they can continue with a single click (or they can simply close this message if they’re not interested in those products anymore).

If you’d like to boost returning visitors’ conversion rates, you should definitely implement this tactic!

All you need to do is set up a welcome message for returning visitors and show them their previously viewed products.

How to set it up?

1. Step: Create a product recommendation campaign

Either choose one of our pre-made templates below or simply insert a product element into your existing campaign.

2. Step: Set up previously used products

Simply turn on the “previously used products” feature of the product element. You can choose to display either the last product or the previous three products.

3. Step: Set targeting to returning visitors

Finally, target this campaign to returning visitors. There is no need for any other targeting, like the number of pages seen. If your returning visitors haven’t seen as many products previously as you want to show, the message will not show automatically.

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