Influencer Welcome

Utilize influencers to generate a highly personalized welcome for your visitors

Transform your influencer marketing with personalization
When to use it?

Are you looking for ways to take your influencer marketing campaigns to the next level? Look no further!

Using this tactic, you can create a customized welcome popup experience that speaks directly to your customers’ hearts.

Imagine visitors arriving from an influencer campaign being greeted on your website with a photo of their favorite influencer, using the same words as they used when promoting your product, and welcoming them to your website with a special discount.

This kind of emotional connection drives engagement, loyalty, and sales like nothing else. You'll see a significant increase in the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns.

How to set it up?

Step 0: Background information

Let’s say that you have an immense amount of traffic coming to your site through an influencer. It is wise to address these visitors differently, highlighting that the influencer that they are following uses and loves your product.

Step 1: Choose a regular welcome popup

You can see all our welcome popup templates below. Choose one and fine-tune it to your site’s style.

Step 2: Create a new Personalized Experience

If you want to learn more about Personalized Experiences, click here.

Add a new variant to Experience B. Your original campaign (default variant) is in Experience A.

Step 3: Personalize your new variant

Add a picture of the influencer on the top of your campaign, highlight his/her name and quote from him/her, and try to use the same words that he/she was using when promoting your product.

Step 4: Target your personalized variant

Display your personalized variant to only those visitors who are coming to your site through the influencer. Use the Visited URL rule for this purpose.

Step 5: Launch your campaign

This is how it will look for visitors who have come to the site through the influencer.

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