Product Page Personalizer

Tailor product page messaging to align with your ad copy

Boost product page conversion rates with personalized messaging for different target audiences.
When to use it?

Do you sell products that can be targeted to several different customer segments? Then you probably realize that the same product can have multiple value propositions based on who you’re targeting!

For example, a blender can be useful for busy parents who just want a quick and healthy breakfast, but also for avid gym-goers who would love to elevate their workouts with a protein smoothie.

In this case, you probably have different Facebook ads targeting different groups of people based on demographics, but they all land on the same product page.

To increase the conversion rate of these ads (and your product pages) you should display personalized product messaging for each customer group. Using our Dynamic Content feature, you can easily set it up and increase conversion rates by at least 10%.

How to set it up?

Step 0: Background information

Let’s say you have two different visitor segments and you target them with different facebook ads: working moms and gym addicts.

Step 1: Create a new Dynamic Content campaign

To learn more about Dynamic content, click here.

Choose the part(s) that you would like to rephrase and rewrite it:

This is how it will look like after modifying your headline:

Step 2: Create a new Personalized Experience

If you want to learn more about Personalized Experiences, click here.

Add a new variant to Experience B. Your original campaign is in Experience A.

Step 3: Modify your second campaign variant

Step 4: Add new rules to your experience variants

Use the “Visited URL” rule. This will allow you to only show your campaign to visitors who are coming from a special ad.

Add a snippet of the URL (you will probably want to use the UTM campaign of your ad) where only those visitors land who have come through that specific ad.

Step 5: Activate your campaign

This is how your campaign will look like when your visitors have come to your site through the ad that is addressing working moms.

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