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Personalize your offers for top referral partners

Boost your referral traffic’s conversion rate by personalizing welcome messages based on the referral source
When to use it?

Do you work with referral/affiliate partners who bring a significant amount of traffic to your website?

You should consider showing personalized welcome messages to these visitors. For example, you could display the referral partner’s name in your message. This way, the visitors receiving your messages will view your offers as more special.

You can do this easily with OptiMonk’s URL targeting feature, and this strategy could increase the conversion rate by up to 50%.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Choose a regular sidemessage

Below you can find all of our sidemessages. Choose one and fine-tune it to your style.

Step 2: Add your referral partner’s name/logo on the campaign

After modifying the headlines, and offers on your campaign, insert the name or logo of your referral partner, too.

Let’s assume that the majority of your referral traffic comes from Forbes, so in this example, we will go on with Forbes.

Step 4: Target your visitors coming from Forbes

Use our Visited URL rule to show your campaign only to those visitors who are coming from Forbes. Add a snippet of the URL where your visitors land after clicking through. This way, your campaign will only appear to them.

Step 4: Activate your campaign

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