Smart Personalization

Increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns with AI

Let AI personalize your landing pages and popups for each and every visitor to elevate PPC ROI.
When to use it?

Personalize your landing pages and popups for each and every visitor. Tailor any headline, description or text based on the interest of your visitor – 100% automatically.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Choose elements

Choose the elements you want to personalize on your landing pages, whether it’s the headline, descriptions, call-to-action buttons, or any other crucial text element.

Step 2: Set up personalized experiences

Once you chose the elements you want to personalize, set up a new personalized experience for as many visitor segments as you wish easily.

Step 3: Set up personalization criteria

As a final step, define your visitor segments for AI. You can choose to personalize based on the searched keyword automatically or add your personalization criteria manually.

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