Subtle Discount Popup

Grow your list with and annoyance-proof popup

Show a teaser before displaying your list-building popup
When to use it?

If you’d like to build your email list with popups without interrupting the user experience, try this strategy.

Unlike traditional welcome popups that may annoy your audience, Smart Discount Popups are triggered on exit intent, ensuring a non-disruptive browsing experience.

But that’s not all! This strategy also involves presenting a small, attention-grabbing teaser right upon arrival. This way, visitors receive immediate notification about your enticing offer, sparking their curiosity without any inconvenience or interruption.

If they're interested, they can simply click on the teaser whenever they wish, and voilà—the popup opens, revealing your offer.

The result? A doubled conversion rate compared to traditional welcome popups and, most importantly, a better user experience for your visitors.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Create a new campaign

Scroll down and choose a template.

Step 2: Setup your coupon code

Step 3: Set up your teaser

Choose if you want to display your teaser before the campaign or/and after the campaign is closed. You can also decide on which devices you would like to make the teaser appear.

Step 4: Activate your campaign

Pick a template and launch your first
Subtle Discount Popup campaign in 2 minutes

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