VIP Offers

Personalize your website for your VIP customer segments

Increase the efficiency of your email campaigns by personalizing your website with your VIP offers
When to use it?

When creating email campaigns for the best customer segments, marketers often satisfy by personalizing only the emails they send out. Even though personalizing the landing pages they arrive to often yield even better ROI in terms of time investment.

When creating a segmented email campaign for one of your VIP customer segments, you can further increase the efficiency of these campaigns by personalizing the experience of your customers when they arrive at these landing pages.

Customizing these landing pages with your VIP offer, and consistently reminding your customers about your offer throughout your site (not just in your email) will create a better customer experience and increase the conversion rate of these segments by up to 20%.

How to set it up?

Step 1: Choose a regular, seasonal campaign and fine-tune it to your style.

For inspiration, check out our templates below.

Step 2: Dress up your campaign

Use a countdown element, and a coupon code, and definitely mention that the offer is only available for VIP customers so that you can create a unique atmosphere.

Step 3: Target your VIP group

If you use Klaviyo, use the “Klaviyo lists and segments” rule and target only those visitors who are on the VIP list/segment.

If you don’t use Klaviyo, use our Visited URL rule to address your VIP visitors only.

Step 4: Place your message

Use our Point and Click tool (only in case you are creating embedded content) to define the position of your content. Learn more about Point and Click placement, here.

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